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NOTE 1: This is not a contact form for American Express customer support. For getting customer support from AMEX directly, check this out.

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  1. I wish to activate/confirm my Delta American Express card and would like to change my mailing address to my P.O. box. I was told that I could do it over the phone. No phone number was provided. I do not wish to have an online account.

  2. I gave my new American Express Card number to an agent this morning…now I was unable to purchase tickets online using the new number?!

  3. I applied for and was approved an American Express Delta Gold card today. I wanted to know my card number and was in the process of getting my security code from your text, but couldn’t get back into the site where I had applied. I’ve received no verification and want to finalize that I have a card. Please call or email. Thanks

  4. What is the security PIN? I tried to create and enter a PIN and received a message that it was incorrect. Incorrect compared to what?

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