How to Activate a Credit Card by Phone?

How to Activate a Credit Card by Phone?

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Last time, we showed you how to activate your credit card online, now we’re going to show you how to activate your card using your phone.

Talking about activating your card by phone, it is known to be the most convenient process to activate your credit card. It is always advised to activate your credit card as soon as you receive it so you can start using it. The purpose of the credit card company is just to know that the card is completely made into safe hands.

As your credit card issuer is aware of the mail you received and satisfied that card is under the right authorities, this will help in case of any fraud and will prevent it. So it is essential to get your card activated at the right time.

But some people are not aware of the process of activation of a credit card, but now the online system makes it easy for everyone to know about different and less time-consuming methods for credit card activation. There are several options with unique advantages as well.

How to Activate a Credit Card by Phone?

  1. Nowadays, almost everyone uses a credit card and it covers several methods for activation and activation by phone is one of the easiest and simplest ways of all.
  2. When you receive your card, you’ll get a letter with the card or a sticker that will be attached in front of your card, on that you’ll find out a number printed.
  3. You have to call on that number but be careful while calling, use the number that you have registered with your account. As the credit card issuer will only prefer a registered number for various security reasons.
  4. And in case you call from different, for that you have to provide additional information so that the credit card issuer is satisfied by the information you provide before activation.
  5. After providing the proper and required information, you just have to follow the simple steps under their guidance, and they will help out to activate your card in minutes.
NOTE: If your card is an American Express card, use this step by step guide specific to AMEX- americanexpress confirmcard

And after card activation, you have to register the credit card number online for transaction activation. Then you’ll also be able to manage your account online.

The services offered after activation are different from bank to bank and also from country to country. You only have to take care of the set password of your online account for different and necessary security reasons. The primary services offered are- funds transfer, bill pay, loan applications, and transactions. Some non-transaction activities are also provided such as an online statement, checkbook request, stop payment, etc.

After getting your credit card you have two options, activate it on time or lose it.

Sometimes due to many reasons, you don’t activate your account and IMPORTANT TO NOTE that this could be a significant problem. As every bank or card issuer has different policies so some may cancel your credit card automatically if it is not activated within a few months after being issued. And some may keep charging fees by keeping your card open.

It is also essential to know that it could be risky, as someone could steal your card from the office or home and activate it.

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