How to Activate a Credit Card Online?

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Most of the credit cards need to be activated before using, including American Express cards. In this page, we show you how you can activate your credit cards online easily.

Many of us feel lazy to activate our credit cards for no reason. So, it is important to know that it could be risky, as someone could steal your card from the office or home and activate it.

So, the best you could do to save your card is to activate it as soon as possible. So, from online services, you can easily activate your new credit card. This is known to be the best and less time-consuming task. And, as the world is getting completely digitalized, everyone can easily use and activate it without any supervision and extensive knowledge. All you need to do is follow the guidelines.

How to Activate a Credit Card Online?

Online services give two ways of activation.

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking

Credit Card Activation using internet banking

  1. The very first step is to log in to internet banking, after logging you’ll get a page, click on MY TOOLS in the main menu.
  2. Then you will get an option to MANAGE YOUR CARD so the information about your card will appear on the screen, and then you need to select the ACTIVE option found in the services column.
  3. Add the information asked the last 4 digits of your card number and the expiry date. Everything is mentioned on your card. Then you just have to click on AUTHORIZE REQUEST.
  4. Then you’ll get an authorization code on your registered mobile number. After entering the code, your card will be activated.

Credit Card Activation through internet banking

The same procedure is applied to mobile banking. You can use both the ways to activate your credit card. These are counted to be the best, as it easy way for the activation of a credit card.

And after activation, you have to register the credit card number online for transaction activation. Then you’ll also be able to manage your account online.

Online banking is easy to operate, but the services are different from bank to bank and also from country to country. You only have to take care of the set password of your online account for different and necessary security reasons. The primary services offered are- funds transfer, bill pay, loan applications, and transactions. Some non-transaction activities are also provided such as online statements, checkbook requests, stop payment, etc.

NOTE: In case your card is an American Express card, use this more in-depth guide- confirmcard

Online banking is convenient in many ways:

  • It is available 24×7. Only by an internet connection, you can perform any task at any time.
  • It is the most effective, efficient and fast use of technology. Every service is completed in minutes. And the best part you can efficiently manage several accounts through internet banking.
  • Facilities for internet banking also keep your account safe. The monitoring of the mind is entirely in your hands. It keeps an eye one account balance all the time. The services include loans, investment options, and many others.
  • Overall it gives bank services through the use of the internet for the betterment. Now, you don’t have to print your passbook to know the balance, as you’ll get to know through your account on internet banking. In every way, the internet has made our lives even better.

I hope this post helped you with activating and confirming your credit card. Do let us know what you thought about this post on the comment section given below.

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